Saturday, April 7, 2012

Setlist for 4/7/2012

Daniel Johnston "Deviltown" from 1990
Deer Tick "Ashamed" from War Elephant
Philip Selway "Beyond Reason" from Familial
Sufjan Stevens "Happy Birthday" from A Sun Came
Bright Eyes "Waste Of Paint" from Lifted Or The Story Is In The Soil, Keep Your Ear To The Ground
Agnes Obel "Just So" from Philharmonics
Dodos "Good" from No Color

The War On Drugs "A Pile Of Tires" from Future Weather
Sarah Jaffe "Stay With Me" from Suburban Nature
Grand Lake "Carpoforo" from Blood Sea Dream
Little Horn "Twelve" from Twelve EP
Holy Sons "Family Man" from I Want To Live A Peaceful Life
The Mountain Goats "Get Lonely" from Get Lonely
M. Ward "Jailbird" from Hold Time

The Avett Brothers "Souls Like The Wheels" from The Second Gleam
Fleet Foxes "Innocent Son" from Sun Giant EP
Cocorosie "Madonna" from La Maison De Mon RĂªve
Neutral Milk Hotel "Engine" from Hype City Soundtrack
First Aid Kit "Ghost Town" from The Big Black And The Blue
The Tallest Man On Earth "Burden Of Tomorrow" from The Wild Hunt
Stornoway "We Are The Battery Human" from Beachcomber's Windowsill

The Welcome Wagon "Half A Person" from Welcome To The Welcome Wagon
The Woodlands "Until The Day Dims" from The Woodlands
S. Carey "We Fell" from All We Grow
Port O'Brien "Calm Me Down" from Threadbare
Other Lives "As I Lay My Head Down" from Tamer Animals
Megafaun "Heretofore" from Heretofore
Madeline "I Know You Won't" from The Slow Bang

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