Saturday, July 23, 2016

7/23/2016 setlist with Giovanni

Dromedarios Magicos "Pistache" from Bosque de San Marcos
Karen Dalton "Katie Cruel" from Sleepwalker
Townes Van Zandt "Lungs" from Townes Van Zandt
Long Beard "Moths" from Sleepwalker
Carla Morrison "Eres Tu" from Dejenme Llorar
Angel Perez "Arrancame la Vida" from Mujer Divina
Natalia Lafourcade "Para Que Sufrir" from Hasta la Raiz
Jose Gonzalez "With The Ink Of A Ghost" from With The Ink Of A Ghost

Fleet Foxes "Tiger Mountain Peasant Song" from Fleet Foxes
Sufjan Stevens "Chicago - Demo" from Chicago (Demo)
Devendra Banhart "Quedate Luna" from Cripple Crow
Caetano Veloso "Coracao Vagabundo" from Caetano Veloso
Jorge Ben Jor "Balanca Pema" from Samba Esquema Novo
Kurt Vile "Wild Imagination" from B'lieve i'm going down...

M. Ward "Fisher of Men" from Hold Time
Carolina Chocolate Drops "Lord, Can You Hear Me?" from Leaving Eden
Bob Dylan "Oh, Sister" from Desire
Sun Kil Moon "Tonight In Bilbao" from April
Low "Lord, Can You Hear Me?" from A Lifetime of Temporary Relief: 10 Years of B-Sides & Rarities
Low "Surfer Girl" from  A Lifetime of Temporary Relief: 10 Years of B-Sides & Rarities
Phosphorescent "Wolves" from Pride
Ariel Pink's Haunted Graffiti "Baby" from Mature Themes

Burning Sky "Wisdom Keeper" from A Simple Man
Bombino "Tigrawahi Tikma (Bring Us Together)" from Agadez
Ali Farka Toure "Hilly Yoro" from Niafunke
Y La Bamba "Ostrich" from Ostrich

Saturday, July 9, 2016

set list With Giovanni 7/9/2016

Jenny Lewis, The Watson Twins "Run Devil Run" from Rabbit Fur Coat
La Rue Ketanou "Les cigales" from Y'a des cigales dans la fourmiliere
Catherine Ribeiro + Alpes "Jusqu'a ce que la force de t'aimer me..." paix
Low, Dirty Three "I Hear...Good" In The Fishtank 7
Gravenhurst "Nicole" from Fires In Distant Buildings
Debout Sur Le Zinc "La declaration" from Les Promesses
Mark Fry "Song for Wilde" from Dreaming with Alice
Dirty Three "Odd Couple" from Dirty Three
Sparklehorse "Spirit Ditch" from Vivadixiesubmarinetransmissionplot
Friends of Dean Martinez "All The Pretty Horse" from The Shadow Of Your Smile
The Black Heart Procession "Broken World" from Amore del Tropico
Red House Painters "Cabezon" from Ocean Beach
Sun Kil Moon "Among the Leaves" from Among The Leaves
Howe Gelb "Blue Marble Girl" from Plucklings
Micah P. Hinson "Beneath the Rose" from Micah P. Hinson and the Gospel of Progress
Giant Sand "Stranded Pearl" from Provisions

Jim James & Calexico "Goin' to Acapulco" from I'm Not There
Calexico "Victor Jara's Hands" from Carried To Dust
Lila Downs "La Cama De Piedra" from La Cantina
Celso Pina "Eres La Luz" from El Canto De Un Rebelde Para Un
Celso Pina y su Ronda Bogota "Aunqu no sea Conmigo (feat. Cafe Tacvba)" from Barrio Bravo
Chavela Vargas "Soledad" from Chavela Varga

Amparo Ochoa "La Maldicion De La Malinche" from "Por Siempre"
Ely Guerra "La Llorona" from Bimexicano, Nuestros Clasicos Hechos Rock
Los Cojolites "El Palomo" from Sembrando Flores
Son De Madera "El Balaju" from Caribe Mar Sincopado
Los Folkloristas "Agua Que Cae Del Cielo" Los Folkloristas 40 Anos
Chuchumbe "La Cana" from Caramba Nino
Los Parientes De Playa Vicente "Las Olas Del Mar" from Sonando Y Haciendo Son
Son del Centro "Pajaro Carpintero" from Mi Jarana Es Mi Fusil

Saturday, June 25, 2016

6/25/2016 set with Gio

Atahualpa Yupangui "Luna Tucuman" from Los Hermanos
Jorge Cafrune "La atardecida" from Inolvidable
Alfredo Zitarrosa "Zamba Para Vos" from Folclore
Chango Spasiuk "Mirando Caer la Lluvia" from Mirando Caer La Lluvia
Daniel Viglietti "Dale Tu Mano al Indio" from Uruguay. Canciones para Mi America
Liliana Herrero "Oracion Del Remanso" from Confesion del Viento
Soledad Bravo "Violin De Becho" from Lo Mejor
Mariana Baraj "La Guada" from Churita

Silvia Iriondo "Juana Azurduy" from Mujeres Argentinas
Alberto Rojo "Nostalgias Santiaguenas" from Tangentes
Liliana Vitale "El Pajaro Que Se Eclipsa" from Al Dia
Juan Quintero, Luno Monti "Regalitos" from Despues de Usted
Teresa Parodi "Pajaro Del Rio" from Autobiografia
Martiana Baraj "Ya Viene La Triste Noche" from Alterlatino

Florencia Ruiz "Ahogarme en me" from Ma
Puente Celeste "Otra Vez El Mar" from Canciones
Santiago Vazquez "Entre los Dedos (Nyamaropa)" from Mbira y Pampa
Eduardo Mateo "Jacinta" from Mateo Solo Bien Se Lame
Ana Prada "Mandolin" from Soy Pecadora
Martin Buscaglia "El Sol" from Somos Libres
Hijo "Mariano Otero" from Umbral de Mi

Le Trio Joubran "Nawwar" from As Far
Lamine Konte "Nagnol" from La kora du Senegal, Vol. 1
Malouma "Chtib" from Nour
Syriana "Al Mazzeh" from The Road To Damascus
Mamani Keita "Doussou" from Gagner l'argent Francais
N'Gou Bagayoko "Kulu" from Kulu
Taffetas "Yay Balma" from Taffetas
Sevara Nazarkhan "Yor-Yor" from Yol Bolsin

Saturday, June 18, 2016

6/18/16 set list with Giovanni

Jenny Lewis, The Watson Twins "Run Devil Run" from Rabbit Fur Coat

Japanese indie folk

Tenniscoats, Maquiladora "Hours" from Healthy In California
Nagisa Ni Te "Me, On The Beach" from Dream Sounds
Pastels/Tenniscoats "Sodane" from Two Sunsets
Shugo Tokumaru "Mushina" from L.S.T
Ai Aso "Agenda" from Lone
Michio Kurihara "Wind Waltzes" from Sunset Notes

South Korean indie Folk

Kim Kwang Suk "Love, Love, and That This Was Not..." from Top Hits Ost Collection 2013
빅베이비드라이버 Big Baby Driver "38,000km 너머의 빅베이비" from Big Baby Driver
빅베이비드라이버 Big Baby Driver  "내일 Tomorrow" from Big Baby Driver
빅베이비드라이버 Big Baby Driver "아무렇지 않은 듯 뒤돌아서서 그냥 그렇게 떠나버렸네 / Nothing Has Ever Happened You Went Away" from A Story of a Boring Monkey and a Baby Girl

Mongolian/Tuvan  Traditional Folk Music

Hanggai "My Banjo And I" from Introducing Hanggai
Huun-Huur-Tu "Chyraa-Khoor (Yellow-Pacer)" from Ancestors Call
Yat-Kha "Kaldak-khamar" from dalai beldiri
Liu Fang "The Flower Festival" from Chinese Traditional Pipa Music
Egschiglen "Setgeliin Egshig" from Zazal
Mamer "Mountain Wind" from Eagle
Okna Tsahan Zam "String Duet" from Shaman Voices

Indie Folk from China

Cold Fairyland "Dead Children in Newspapers" from Kingdom of Benevolent Strangers

Zuoxiao Zuzhou "3 泸沽湖情歌 (A Love Song of Lake Lugu)" from 左小祖咒去奶子房 (Zuoxiao Zuzhou Heads to Naizifang)
Hedgehog "Waiting for the Last Bus" from Blue Daydreaming

Hong Kong
My Little Airport "愛情disabled" from 適婚的年齡 The Right Age For Marriage

Waa Wei  "A Sword With Two Blades" from Graceful Porcupine

Saturday, June 4, 2016

6.4.2016 setlist with giovanni

Jenny Lewis, The Watson Twins "Run Devil Run" from Rabbit Fur Coat
Estudiantina Peru "Adios Juventud" from Estudiantina Peru
Picaflor De Los Andes Y Su Orquesta "Las Colinas" from Por las Rutas del Recuerdo
Yolanda Pinares "Memorias" from Ayacucho En El Corazon De Todos Vol. 2
Duo Arequipa "Ciudad Blanca" from criollo: cross-cultural son from Arequipa
Cecilia Barraza "Cada Domingo a las Doce Despues de la Misa" from Cecilia Barraza Canta y Encanta
Cholo Berrocal "Payaso" from "El Cholo" Berrocal: Mis Amigos
Los Errantes "Llanto Por Llanto" from Los Errantes
Los Hermanos Zanartu "Muchachita Celosa" from Enrique Delgado
Ernesto Sanchez Fajardo "Marujita" from El Jilfuero de Huascaran
Jose Gonzalez "With the ink of a ghost" from vestiges & claws
Y La Bamba "Winter's Skin" from Lupon
Cicada Rhythm "Round Yellow Suitcase" from Self Titled

Estudiantina Invasora "Commandante Che Guevara" from Latin Noir
Pedro Beltran "Puyalo Ahi" from Palenque Palenque: Champeta Criolla & Afro Roots in Colombia
Luis Abanto Morales "Cholo Soy y No Me Compadezcas" from Luis Abanto Morales
Son Palenque "Palengue Palengue" from Palenque Palenque: Champeta Criolla & Afro Roots in Colombia

Los Mochichas "Hermelinda" from Siempre un Vals
Manuelcha Prado "Expreso Puquio" from Madre Andina
Yarina "Jilguerito" from Nawl
Maya Andina "Cordillera" from Musica Instrumental Andina
Wganda Kenya "Pim Pom" from Palenque Palenque: Champeta Criolla & Afro Roots in Colombia
Inti Punchai "Charagua Manta (Trote)" from Musica De Bolivia
Ernesto Sanchez Fajardo "El Huascaran" from El Jilguero de Huascaran

Saturday, May 28, 2016

5.28.16 playlist with Giovanni

Say Girl Say "What's That Sound?" from Say Girl Say
And The Kids "Glory Glory" from Turn To Each Other
Neko Case, k.d. lang, Laura Veirs "Atomic Number" from Atomic Number
Conor Oberst "You Are Your Mother's Child" from Upside Down Mountain
She & Him "We'll Meet Again" from Classics
Mirah "Special Death" from Advisory Committee
Gogol Bordello "Santa Marinella" from Gypsy Punks: Underdog World Strike

Lavendar Diamond "I Don't Recall" from Incorruptible Heart
M. Ward "Poison Cup" from Post-War
The Watson Twins "Just Like Heaven" from Fire Songs
Feist "How Come You Never Go There" from Metals
The Elected "It Was Love" from Sun, Sun, Sun
Cat Power "Sea of Love" from The Covers Record
Azure Ray "Sleep" from Azure Ray

Gogol Bordello "Through The Roof 'n' Underground" from Multi Kontra Culti Vs. Irony
Bright Eyes "We Are Nowhere And It's Now" from I'm Wide Awake, Its' Morning
Joan As Police Woman "Human Condition" from The Deep Field
Devendra Banhart "Baby" from What Will We Be
Mazzy Star "Halah" from She Hangs Brightly
PJ Harvey "The River" from Is This Desire?
Bat For Lashes "Peace Of Mind" from Two Suns
Antony and the Johnsons "Knockin' On Heaven's Door" from I'm Not There

Lisa Germano "a million times'' from Magic Neighbor
Scout Niblett "Moon Lake" from This Fool Can Die Now
Adron "The Sun Behind The Sun" from Organismo
Handsome Furs "What We Had" from Plague Park
Brown Bird "The Messenger" from Fits of Reason

Saturday, May 21, 2016

5.21.16 setlist with Giovanni

Jenny Lewis, The Watson Twins "Run Devil Run" from Rabbit Fur Coat
George Harrison "Be Here Now" from Living in the Material World
Cicada Rhythm "Werewolf" from self titled
Bob Dylan " The Lonesome Death of Hattie Carrol" from The Times They  Are A-Changin'
The Cave Singers "All Land Crabs and Divinity Ghosts" from NO Witch
Gypsy Kings "Faena" from self titlted
Marimba Conjunto "la Jota" from Fiestas of Chiapas and Oaxaca
Beirut "Carousels" From Lon Gisland
Andrew Bird "Don't Be Afraid" from Weather Systems
Iron & Wine, Ben Bridwell "Coyote" from Sing Into My Mouth
Jenny O. "Opposite Island" from AutoMechanic
Sufjan Stevens "Chicago" from Chicago
This Frontier Needs Heroes "Hooky" from Hooky

M. Ward "seashell tale" from End of Amnesia
Jose Gonzalez "Open Book" Vestiges & Claws
Marketa Irglova "Remember Who You Are" from MVNA
Dr. Dog "Twilight" from B-Room
Sparklehorse "Knives of Summertime" from Dreamt for light years in the belly of a mountain
J. Tillman "Ribbons of Glass" from Cancer and Delirium
Sun Kil Moon "That Bird Has a Broken Wing" from Among The Leaves
Andrew Bird "Chemical Switches" from Are You Serious
Chad VanGaalen "Rabid Bits of Time" from Soft Airplane
Y La Bamba "Las Aguas Venenosas" from Alida St
Thao & Mirah "Little Cup" from Self Titled
Martin Espino "La Flor Del Corazon" from Curandero (The Healer)
Buffy Sainte-Marie "Mayoo Sto Hoon" from It's My Way
Buffy Sainte-Marie "Ananias" from It's My Way
Mariee Sioux "Old Magic" from Gift for the End
Robert Mirabal "Song Carrier" from Song Carrier
Tonolec "Zamba para olvidar" from Los pasos labrados