Saturday, June 18, 2011

Setlist for 6/18/2011

Daniel Johnston "Devil Town" from 1990
Sufjan Stevens "Come On! Feel The Illinoise!" from Come On Feel The Illinoise!
Lesser Gonzalez Alvarez "Mostly A Friend" from Why Is Bear Billowing?
Ferraby Lionheart "Holdin' Me Back" from The Jack Of Hearts
Bad Veins "Crosseyed" from Bad Veins
Okkervil River "Our Life Is Not A Movie Or Maybe" from The Stage Names
Cotton Jones "I Am The Changer" from Paranoid Cocoon

Choir Of Young Believers "Sharpen Your Knife" from Burn The Flag EP
GregoRy And The HawK "Isabelle" from The Boats & Birds EP
Revolver "Back To You" from Music For A While
Fleet Foxes "Ragged Wood" from Fleet Foxes
Careful "New Life" from Oh, Light
Mount Eerie "Wind Speaks" from Wind's Poem
Rickolus "Good Old World" from Youngster

Cocorosie "By Your Side" from The White Session June 16th 2004
Musée Mécanique "Two Friends Like Us" from Hold This Ghost
Tiny Vipers "Dreamer" from Life On Earth
Zola Jesus "I Can't Stand" from Stridulum EP
Madeline "Simple Words" from The Slow Bang
The Antlers "Sylvia" from Hospice

José González "Crosses" from Veneer
Elliot Smith "Angeles" from Either/Or
The Tallest Man On Earth "Kids On The Run" from The Wild Hunt
Fruit Bats "Union Blanket" from Mouthfuls
Sally Ford & The Sound Outside "Thirteen Years Old" from Dirty Radio
S. Carey "We Fell" from All We Grow
M. Ward "One Hundred Million Years" from Hold Time

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